XSEDE is an NSF-funded service that provides computing resources to institutions across the country. XSEDE is an open scientific discovery infrastructure combining leadership class resources to create an integrated, persistent computational resource.

Utilizing the XSEDE Campus Champion program, CRC is able to facilitate access to the organization's resources. A finite amount of core hours is given to the campus champion which then in turn are able to add researchers to their allocation to run on any of the XSEDE resources.

The Campus Champion program allows researchers to test their code and get a grasp of how many core hours the researcher will need for their own use.

After the researcher has ensured that the code works well, they can then request a Startup Allocation to have a bigger set of core hours for their own use. If they need more than a startup allocation, they can then write a Research Allocation, which only get reviewed once a quarter throughout the year, but grant a lot more core hours.

If any KU or KUMC researcher is interested and wish to test out the resources, they may create an account on the XSEDE User Portal. Contact CRC at crchelp@ku.edu with the XSEDE username they have chosen and which resources they wish to test on.

These resources are all free to use.